Electrical troubleshooting is not a job for a handy man, it takes a expert understanding of electricity along with practice and experience to troubleshoot electrical problems. If it’s not handled correctly it could even be hazardous. The Certified Electricians on our team here at CDW Electrical Services come to you to troubleshoot and repair any electrical wiring problems you have. We complete repairs on any faulty electrical circuits.

Larger pieces of equipment such as table saws should be powered via dedicated circuits. For example in your workshop, consider installing a 20-amp dedicated circuit near the location where the table saw would later be placed. Each additional piece of large equipment also should have a dedicated circuit. The outlets installed for each of these needs to be a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) circuit. The GFCI receptacle is equipped with a measuring device that will shut down the power to the circuit immediately in the event of a short, reducing the possibility of electrical shock. Once tripped, the GFCI receptacle can be reset easily with a switch on the front panel. You should be aware that the GFCI receptacle is a safety device designed to reduce hazards to users and is not necessarily designed to protect equipment.