Tino Gali
Electrical Technician

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Tino moved to South Florida with his family in 1974 and Central Florida in 2012. A child of immigrants from Cuba, Tino is fluent in Spanish and English and some Italian… his father is of Italian descent. Tino’s interest in electricity began when he was a teenager; and like most teenagers, he was always on the telephone with friends. Well, to get him off the phone, his mom would actually cut the phone cord. Tino then figured out how to fix the phone cord and other wires that had been cut, thus began his passion for electricity. Tino went on to become a Master Electrician and now with over thirty-five years of experience has joined CDW Electrical Services. Tino goes above and beyond to take care of his customers and gets the job done. We are fortunate that he is on our team.